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Leadership Training - Complete Communities University
To support each Complete Community as they work to execute their action plans, Complete Communities University (CCU) was developed to support their activities. Classes were designed to strengthen the existing skills of community leaders as they work to implement goals, actions and project aspirations laid out in the plans.

Complete Communities University was a half-day workshop held on Saturday, October 13, 2018. CCU attendees had the opportunity to network with other community leaders during breakfast. Afterward, attendees received free training taught by nonprofits, community based organizations and city officials with subject matter expertise. The courses offered were: Fundraising, Running Effective Meetings, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, Community Outreach, Department of Neighborhoods, importance of the Census and, Neighborhood Safety.

Mayor Turner was in attendance and provided closing remarks. The Mayor reaffirmed his dedication to the Complete Communities program and announced the creation of the Office of Complete Communities. This new mayoral office will be key to assisting implementation of action items in each area.

Attendees left CCU with a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of community leadership and the ability to plan, organize and advocate for their communities for years to come.

Session Speakers
A special thank you is given to each of the workshop facilitators for giving their knowledge, wisdom, expertise and their time!
  • Rogene Gee Calvert, AARP Houston
  • Bolivar Fraga, Baker Ripley
  • Takasha Francis, Director, DON, City of Houston
  • Ronnie Hagerty, United Way of Greater Houston
  • Arva Howard, Legal Department, City of Houston
  • Dionne Roberts- Emegha, U. S. Census Bureau
  • Sheryl D. Victorian, Assistant Chief, Houston Police Dept.

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