About the Initiative

About the Initiative

Complete Communities is an initiative from the City of Houston focused on bridging the gap between equity and opportunity.

Made up of 10 historically under-resourced neighborhoods which together are home to one in six Houstonians, Complete Communities exists to ensure all residents can achieve success without barriers to opportunity.

Our Vision
Complete Communities envisions a Houston where the equitable heart of the city is felt across neighborhood borders. We see a future where every resident can take action to maintain uplifted neighborhoods and instill a legacy of resilience and inclusivity so that the benefits of a sustainable, complete community are felt for generations to come.

Our Mission 
Every Houstonian should know their neighborhood matters. Our mission is to build one complete city from recovery to resilience by championing the voices of residents that have been ignored for far too long and offering every Houston resident the foundational resources needed to thrive. We work across private, public, and nonprofit sectors to collectively overcome economic, environmental, and equity challenges to transform Houston’s legacy into one everyone can be proud of.

Representing our Communities 
Complete Communities is all about our neighborhoods and the Houstonians that call them home. Our identity is based on pictograms that are symbolic representations of each neighborhood. Each of our pictograms is inspired by landmarks, themes, and histories from the community. They represent both the unique aspects each community has and how they can come together to create a stronger, more resilient Houston for all.

CC_Neighborhood Pictograms

About Our Community Pictograms
Acres Home: Inspired by the nickname "the 44” or "the fo-fo" for the  #44 METRO bus route that goes through the neighborhood. 
Alief-Westwood: Inspired by the globe murals in the neighborhood that embody it’s diverse, international makeup. 
Fort Bend Houston: Inspired by the pillars and architecture of Willowridge High School. 
Gulfton: Inspired by the historic, grid-like layout of the neighborhood and sense of community that its residents take pride in.
Kashmere Gardens: Inspired by the influence of zydeco music and Creole culture that carries historical significance in the neighborhood.
Magnolia Park - Manchester: Inspired by the proximity to the Buffalo Bayou and the role of the Bayou as a community gathering place. 
Near Northside: Inspired by the Victorian architectural influences in gables and scallop siding that prevail across the community. 
Second Ward: Inspired by the Spanish arches and orange brick that give it its unique aesthetic. 
Sunnyside: Inspired by the Historic name and sign as well as the culture of positivity and brightness that its African American residents carry. 
Third Ward: Inspired by the three points of the triangle, which like the community, is a symbol of strength and resilience.